Tenants vs Landlords Responsibilities in Birmingham

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You are a tenant and you do not know which your responsibilities are when it’s about repairing the house and taking care of it? You are a landlord who rent rooms in Birmingham and you also don’t know your responsibilities?

We will tell you what you have to do in different cases, in both situations: landlord or tenant.

If you do Flatshare Birmingham or House share anywhere in the UK, you need to pay attention to your house mates or roommates because they can damage something and after that deny it. Unfortunately, this kind of people can be near you without you realize it.

So, as a tenant you should announce your landlord when the house needs any repairs. He can’t rent the house if it isn’t in a good condition, so doesn’t accept the tenancy if you find some damages or tells him to repair them first. You need to take care of your visitors, because at least you aren’t in your own house and you need to allow in the house all persons that can help you with the repairs as soon as possible.

For example, one of your responsibilities is to look after your house. How can you do that and what does it means? It means that you need to take care of your house more than it was yours and it is a normal thing. You need to do some repairs yourself especially if they are some minors ones (changing the light bulb and other stuff like that).

You have to keep the house perfectly cleaned, because dirt can make some damages in the house and not cleaning a house that isn’t yours is completely inadequate. Of course, you have to take care to not make any damage and to look after your visitors to take care with everything in the house.

You are not responsible for damaged created by nature that can destroy the roof, the windows and the walls and by law you should not pay any money! Your landlord is responsible for this thing and in case he wrote in the tenancy agreement that you are responsible for these kings of damages you should know that they are non-valuable in the front of a court.

As we said before, a landlord is responsible for damages created by nature. Also, even if the roof, the walls or the windows weren’t damaged by nature, it is also your landlord’s job to repair them. If the sink, the toilet, the bath was damaged, it is also his responsible. At least, the water, electrical and gas installations are also his duty. Why these damages are his responsibility? This thing is happening because he may to not doing a great job with the installations or the foundation from the beginning and it isn’t your fault.

If you rent rooms in Birmingham it means that you know well your responsibilities, liabilities and rights. House share Birmingham are the same when it’s about rights and responsibilities and you should know all of them before sign any tenancy contract. Ensure that when you are looking for rooms to rent Birmingham you find reliable source such as Room Hunters.

What Are The Steps to Filling Your Tenancy Quickly?

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As a landlord, you have to contend with the various laws guarding tenant welfare. Prospective tenants are also choosier, especially those who can afford premium rents. This means that you have to go the extra step to prepare your property properly and follow the right steps when renting out so that your welfare as a landlord is safeguarded as well. Here are some useful guidelines on what to do to attract quality tenants and fill your vacant property the right way.

Repairs and cleaning

If you are renting out a property that has been in use, you can expect a degree of wear and tear. Basic repairs can change the look in a big way. Some of these basic repair and face-lifting jobs include:

  • Filling dents, cracks, and chips on the floor and walls.
  • Sprucing up the walls – Remove old wallpaper, art, and other decorations. Apply a fresh coat of neutral paint if needed
  • Polish the floor – A hardwood floor should be stained again, polished and buffed to a shine
  • Change fixtures – Items like kitchen and bathroom faucets and bulbs, and doorknobs can make the house look as if it has undergone a mini-renovation.

After these basic repair and facelift jobs, the house should be cleaned from top to bottom. It is advisable that you engage a London tenancy cleaning service to do a professional job. This will guarantee that the job is done right the first time.

Prepare the paperwork

The fact that the law is involved means that you have to get your paperwork properly. This is to safeguard you against badly behaving tenants. It is advisable to engage a lawyer when preparing the paperwork. Some of the items you need include:

  • Tenancy application forms
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Tenancy terms and conditions for vacation and eviction

Set the rent

There are many factors that guide you when setting the rent including location, ease of commute, social amenities and facilities in the area, class of residents and so on. Research the rents in the neighborhood by looking up a few real estate sites of agencies operating in your locality.

Place the ad

There are several options for placing the ad. You can do it on free sites like Gumtree, Craigslist, and Easy roommate. You can also contact a property site for a fee. The advantage of a paid ad is that you can be sure your ad will be shown to the right audience.

Showing and choosing your tenant

You can do preliminary interviews with prospective tenants over the phone. Invite those who sound serious and narrow down to your ideal tenant.

Trends in Malaysia’s Food and Beverage Industry 2018

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The Food and Beverage industry in Malaysia has been growing at around 7% annually over the past few years. The annual income from this industry is around 25 billion euros ($30 billion). This is an industry rich in opportunities for SME investors, both local and foreign. Malaysia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is ranked top 30 in the best places to do business in the world.

Malaysia is a Muslim majority country. Most of the food in the market is marked ‘Halal’ meaning it has been prepared according to proper religious laws. This also translates into an insignificant market for foods and beverages that do not fit proper Muslim laws, for example, pork products and alcohol.

What are some trends observed in Malaysia’s food and beverage industry in 2018 going forward?

Healthy eating

Majority of Malaysia’s 30 million plus population is under 40 years and well educated. The importance of healthy eating and lifestyles is a concern to a big percentage of this population.  Malaysia has a strong culture of eating out as can be seen in Kuala Lumpur’s numerous seafood eateries. This has made a strong comeback as more people prefer freshly cooked food instead of canned food products.

Online orders

Malaysia is a leading tech innovator in Asia. As such, it is natural that more food and beverage businesses are selling online. Online food delivery is becoming common in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur. A good number of online food delivery services have come up with popular names like Food Panda, Pappa delivery, and Uber Eats.

Food sustainability

Like millennials elsewhere around the world, Malaysia’s millennials are concerned about the way food is produced. They want food production that has a lower carbon footprint, uses water efficiently and considers the plight of the less resourced. They want to see reduced waste in packaging. They also want to see more access to healthy food for everyone.

Use of tech in food choices

The power of internet-enabled smart mobile devices has put more information in the hands of many people around the world, Malaysia included. More and more people especially millennials are using technology to make food choices.

Consumers are turning to the internet to ask questions like, what is the best food/drink for post-workout recovery? What is the best food for better skin health? They are also making decisions influenced by what they see on social media, and in turn, generating discussions on food on these platforms.

Avoid Losing Money: Hire End of Lease Cleaning Services

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Do I clean the house myself or engage an end of lease cleaning service? This is a question that must have crossed your mind when moving out. There is no way around doing end of lease cleaning if you want your deposit back. You can opt to clean the house DIY style and save the money. But the smarter choice is engaging an end of lease cleaning London service. A DIY approach is highly likely to lose the money you were trying to save.

Costs of hiring cleaning equipment

If you are planning on doing DIY cleaning, you will have to hire heavy duty cleaning equipment that you don’t have. These include hoovers, scrubbers, and even mops and buckets. You will have to buy bleach and detergent. If you are not conversant with the cleaning industry, this can be quite a hassle and time-consuming. Hire an end of lease cleaning company to take care of all this to save time and money.

Costs from risks

There is a significant element of personal risk involved in doing a top to bottom cleaning of a house. You could fall from a high height when cleaning the ceiling. You could crush your foot when moving heavy furniture. You could also burn your skin when handling harsh bleaches. If you have respiratory sensitivity, the fumes from the detergents can be irritating and probably cause an asthmatic attack.

There is also the risk of physical damage to items in the house. Cleaning the upholstery wrongly can bleach out the colour. You could also damage pricey items like the TV when moving.

It would be better to engage an end of lease cleaning London service to take on these risks for a small price.

Costs of landlord disputes

A DIY job has a high likelihood of failing an inspection by the landlord. The simple truth is that you don’t have the know-how to do a proper job. When the landlord disputes the cleaning job, you can repeat the cleaning or forfeit your tenancy deposit. You can also forward the case to the authorities for arbitration. All these options will cost you time and money.

A dispute will most likely end up in the landlord’s favour anyway. This is because the standard tenancy agreement gives the landlord the right to have a clean house at the end of a tenancy.

It would be smarter to engage an end of lease cleaning London service with a guarantee to repeat the job if it is not up to the required standards. The cleaning service bears the costs of a repeat job. It saves your time and guarantees a refund of your tenancy deposit.

5 Super-tasty Bits and Bites: The Best of Malaysian Finger-Lickn’ Food

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In an age described by thousands of fast food parlours and virtually endless junk food, the ‘abuse’ our bodies face albeit silently is out of this world. But as a foodie with an insatiable love for healthy, exotic cuisines, you shouldn’t let those cravings stop you from discovering the delicious gems of Asia.

Ever sampled any Malaysian food in your life?

If you are headed for beautiful Malaysia, be sure to taste the finest of her goodies that comprise the holy amalgamations of Malay flavours plus the fiercely spiced cuisines. In Penang, a ‘Jalan Jalan’ isn’t just a simple stroll to see the hot woks and huge broth pots – it’s the perfect adventure to taste the delicious street food, including the native ones.

Malaysia is a multiracial community, a mixture of Chinese, Indian and native Malay foods and as you set out to taste the super-tasty bits and bites, be sure to make the food worth the outing. And NO, this is not another of the simple, quintessential “10 Malaysian Dishes You Should Know” kind ‘a post!

1.     Nasi Dadang – Malaysia’s unofficial national dish

Malaysians are super-talented chefs, particularly those who’ve mastered the art of cooking traditional Malay foods. It’s almost impossible to describe how tasty Nasi Dadang is. Rice steamed in coconut milk and served on the trademark banana leaf alongside a bowl of finger-licking fish curry plus fried shaved coconut, Solok Lada and a boiled egg and a serving of fresh veggies, trust me you will ask for more!

2.     Hokkien Mee

With a cult-like following in Kuala Lumpur, Hokkien mee is literally a plate of ‘everything cooked and served together.’ Pork lard is the main ingredient accompanied by thick yellow noodles and thick dark soy sauce, fish-cake and a bit of cabbage. FYI, Hokkien mee was originally a Chinese delicacy.

3.     Ayam Percik (chicken with Percik sauce)

While still in Malaysia, you will see no need to head to KFC, yet the local Ayam Percik is far much tastier and ‘fuller’ on the plate. This barbecued chicken is dipped in a coconut milk- sauce comprising spicy chilli, garlic and ginger. You will see an Ayam Percik stall down the road, in a modest restaurant or even at a fast-food stall, all packed to capacity.

4.     Roti John

The fascinating name aside, Roti John is that morning, or mid-morning sandwich locals and tourists are in-love with. Whoever this John was, he must have been a sort of a genius. The grilled minced meat and a fried egg, both slapped into the middle of thin bread before it’s dipped into a confection of chilli sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise is a delicious delight.

5.     Nasi Kandar

We haven’t even talked about the most widely praised Malaysian food – Nasi Kandar. This incredibly tasty dish consists of rice and your choice of toppings; it can be curry, fish, egg or okra. Aside from being insanely delicious, Nasi Kandar is glamorous to see given the buffet style it’s served.

The thick eggy broth Sang Har noodles that consist of fresh river prawns, prepared the original Cantonese style do have a massive following. But perhaps the must-taste of them all is the Sentul Satay. This dish is great for those whose love for Turkish Kebab, South Africa’s Sosatie or Japanese Yakitori is insatiable.

Facts from a Savvy Foodie: Surprising Must-Knows About Malaysian Cuisine

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It’s somewhat shocking why Malaysian foods aren’t as revered as those of other countries, yet they are probably the most delicious all over Asia. But did you know that most of the latter-day Malay foods are drawn from countries adjacent to this beautiful Asian country?

·      It’s in Malaysia that you can get to taste authentic foods from over five neighbouring countries

Malay foods, whether served at a street-side food stall in Kuala Lumpur or a high-end Malaysian restaurant in London, have the same distinct flavour. And much of the traction these dishes enjoy is from the fact that traditional Malay cuisines are a conglomerate of ancient Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian foods.

Combining all the culinary traditions, therefore, means you get to taste perhaps the most tantalising fusion of flavours. On top of the four main ethnic groups, Baba-Nyonya, or Peranakan food that draw its inspiration from the ancient Chinese and Malay culinary practices are a huge delicacy. You will also find some foods that also share shared history with the main Singaporean foods.

1.     Need an ultimate foodie adventure in Malaysia? Don’t choose Kuala Lumpur

It’s understandable to suddenly feel immersed in the authentic food adventure after your land in Kuala Lumpur. But head out until you arrive in the food capital of Penang where all this country’s hidden food treasures are found. It is on the streets of this historic city that you duly feel right at the heart of traditional foods as the smells, sounds, and buzz fills your nostrils.

You just order whatever you’d like to taste directly off the food cart, sit back and devour. And it isn’t just the foods that you get to delight in. As you sit down at the makeshift food parlour, another vendor will pull by with an incredible choice of local drinks. I’m told these carefree vendors and their rustic and artisanal demeanour is just okay, though you’ll need to watch out lest the low sanitary and hygiene levels make you fall sick!

·      On the selection of foods, there’s everything for everyone

Thanks to the various cultures that form the Malaysian food industry, you can’t step out of Malaysia without falling in love with at least one type of food. Whether it is the generally spicy Indian ones or the delicious Chinese and Thai ones, you will just love the vastness. Locals are always at hand, ready to help guide you through the finest choices and the most affordable spots.

·      About the drinks – which juices to water down your bite?

If you don’t like drinking fresh fruit drinks and juice, the warm outdoorsy feel will most certainly force you to grab one from the many vendors. And be ready for all blends, including the tasty ones such as prune juice or barley juice and the weird combinations such as dragon fruit and lemon juice. A drink that you must gulp down, however, is amber juice. But all in all, Malay juices are refreshing and unique.

Malaysia is vegan-friendly, and English is predominantly spoken everywhere. All foods sold outside the high-end restaurants are budget-friendly, though you should head out to the streets with a local.