Tenants vs Landlords Responsibilities in Birmingham

You are a tenant and you do not know which your responsibilities are when it’s about repairing the house and taking care of it? You are a landlord who rent rooms in Birmingham and you also don’t know your responsibilities?

We will tell you what you have to do in different cases, in both situations: landlord or tenant.

If you do Flatshare Birmingham or House share anywhere in the UK, you need to pay attention to your house mates or roommates because they can damage something and after that deny it. Unfortunately, this kind of people can be near you without you realize it.

So, as a tenant you should announce your landlord when the house needs any repairs. He can’t rent the house if it isn’t in a good condition, so doesn’t accept the tenancy if you find some damages or tells him to repair them first. You need to take care of your visitors, because at least you aren’t in your own house and you need to allow in the house all persons that can help you with the repairs as soon as possible.

For example, one of your responsibilities is to look after your house. How can you do that and what does it means? It means that you need to take care of your house more than it was yours and it is a normal thing. You need to do some repairs yourself especially if they are some minors ones (changing the light bulb and other stuff like that).

You have to keep the house perfectly cleaned, because dirt can make some damages in the house and not cleaning a house that isn’t yours is completely inadequate. Of course, you have to take care to not make any damage and to look after your visitors to take care with everything in the house.

You are not responsible for damaged created by nature that can destroy the roof, the windows and the walls and by law you should not pay any money! Your landlord is responsible for this thing and in case he wrote in the tenancy agreement that you are responsible for these kings of damages you should know that they are non-valuable in the front of a court.

As we said before, a landlord is responsible for damages created by nature. Also, even if the roof, the walls or the windows weren’t damaged by nature, it is also your landlord’s job to repair them. If the sink, the toilet, the bath was damaged, it is also his responsible. At least, the water, electrical and gas installations are also his duty. Why these damages are his responsibility? This thing is happening because he may to not doing a great job with the installations or the foundation from the beginning and it isn’t your fault.

If you rent rooms in Birmingham it means that you know well your responsibilities, liabilities and rights. House share Birmingham are the same when it’s about rights and responsibilities and you should know all of them before sign any tenancy contract. Ensure that when you are looking for rooms to rent Birmingham you find reliable source such as Room Hunters.

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