Budget Friendly Living And Dining Rooms Repair and Handyman Services in London

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Living and dining rooms are both needed to be enjoyable and comfortable for the family members and visitors. It requires professional hands to give a balanced combination in your living room attire. We have a team of expert craftsmen and have ten years of experience to upgrade your home spaces. We can tackle all kinds of projects no matter how small or big they are. We offer a wide range of services, including furniture assembling. Instafix Handyman London is just one call away from your house and will help you in the best possible way to maintain your living or dining room.

Our services include:

Baby proofing

Child security is crucial for the homeowners as they have the habit of playing around at every place. (company name) makes sure that they convert your living and dining area into a safe place for your child to crawl and play freely without worrying in your mind. Call Instafix Handyman London to make your home risk proof for your child by having to cushion on corners and all other protective measures to reduce your child’s risks. 

Crown molding installation and repair

Crown moldings can convert any space into a beautiful, appealing area for entertainment. We have an expert team to transform your rooms in signature beauty by giving incredible finishing. 

Our experts can meet your demands regarding any styles like matching existing moldings and installing or painting new crown moldings.

Custom bookcases and shelves

When you lack storage areas, the custom bookcases and shelves are the best solution to maintain your books and other essential things. We can customize bookcases and racks according to your property demand in any style. 

If you have bookshelves and want to install them at the best position, We are also the best choice. We can effectively organize your space, so it looks appealing.

Furniture assembly

Furniture assembly looks easy and straightforward, but it is actually a challenging task that takes all your day. Professionals can maintain it in just an hour or two. So, let Instafix Handyman London help you assemble your furniture safely and effectively, so it also looks appealing and attractive. We have years of experience in dealing with such projects. 

Picture hangings

Pictures have precious memories that need to be safe and hang in the perfect location. With Instafix Handyman Londonexpert team, you can trust your photos to secure them in mirrors and depend on the ideal place, so it also provides a perfect look to your living space. Call us today to get your photos secure and hang.

Mantel installation 

Mantel is a way to add a featured look in your room with your precious belongings and memorable pictures. It also has an idea to provide a glimpse of empty walls by adding your favorite characters. However, Instafix Handyman London experts have the skill to upgrade your previous mantels or add something new to give a unique look to your room. So call the Instafix Handyman London team today to give your room a unique look.