Avoid Losing Money: Hire End of Lease Cleaning Services

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Do I clean the house myself or engage an end of lease cleaning service? This is a question that must have crossed your mind when moving out. There is no way around doing end of lease cleaning if you want your deposit back. You can opt to clean the house DIY style and save the money. But the smarter choice is engaging an end of lease cleaning London service. A DIY approach is highly likely to lose the money you were trying to save.

Costs of hiring cleaning equipment

If you are planning on doing DIY cleaning, you will have to hire heavy duty cleaning equipment that you don’t have. These include hoovers, scrubbers, and even mops and buckets. You will have to buy bleach and detergent. If you are not conversant with the cleaning industry, this can be quite a hassle and time-consuming. Hire an end of lease cleaning company to take care of all this to save time and money.

Costs from risks

There is a significant element of personal risk involved in doing a top to bottom cleaning of a house. You could fall from a high height when cleaning the ceiling. You could crush your foot when moving heavy furniture. You could also burn your skin when handling harsh bleaches. If you have respiratory sensitivity, the fumes from the detergents can be irritating and probably cause an asthmatic attack.

There is also the risk of physical damage to items in the house. Cleaning the upholstery wrongly can bleach out the colour. You could also damage pricey items like the TV when moving.

It would be better to engage an end of lease cleaning London service to take on these risks for a small price.

Costs of landlord disputes

A DIY job has a high likelihood of failing an inspection by the landlord. The simple truth is that you don’t have the know-how to do a proper job. When the landlord disputes the cleaning job, you can repeat the cleaning or forfeit your tenancy deposit. You can also forward the case to the authorities for arbitration. All these options will cost you time and money.

A dispute will most likely end up in the landlord’s favour anyway. This is because the standard tenancy agreement gives the landlord the right to have a clean house at the end of a tenancy.

It would be smarter to engage an end of lease cleaning London service with a guarantee to repeat the job if it is not up to the required standards. The cleaning service bears the costs of a repeat job. It saves your time and guarantees a refund of your tenancy deposit.