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Restaurants should answer their phones
Frat Mustard to Knowledge
For those of you who don’t know me so well, I am actually closely affiliated with the digital/interactive/web industry. I got into the food industry because my friends and I applied our experience in the digital industry and married it to the food industry and came up with theQguides.

From time to time, I meet with restaurateurs trying to increase their covers in their restaurants by using new media… a digital marketing campaign here, some social media there, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing… etc. Now here’s the thing, although I should be a tech-evangelist… I always look at technology last to solve problems. This is because technology is not THE solution, it is just one of the tools you can use to solve a problem. Oftentimes the problem is a human problem. Technology could solve it but may not be the most cost effective.

Here is my message to restaurateurs in Klang Valley. Don’t be so quick to spend your money on new media… try answering your phones for a change. All restaurants I know in Klang Valley (except those in hotels) do NOT answer their phones during non-operating hours (means they only answer calls from 11am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 11pm). I know this for a fact because theQguides has to keep in touch with restaurants on a daily basis. This is ridiculous! Potential business out the door. Why invest heavily into a new channel to bring in new business when an existing one is not fully utilised yet? Not in the restaurant to answer the call? Forward calls to mobile phones. It should be the duty of restaurant managers to take these calls.

I’ll say it again… answer your phones! That’s REAL customer engagement. Just a small tweak in your processes could actually bring in a few more covers a day without incurring marketing bills.