5 Super-tasty Bits and Bites: The Best of Malaysian Finger-Lickn’ Food

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In an age described by thousands of fast food parlours and virtually endless junk food, the ‘abuse’ our bodies face albeit silently is out of this world. But as a foodie with an insatiable love for healthy, exotic cuisines, you shouldn’t let those cravings stop you from discovering the delicious gems of Asia.

Ever sampled any Malaysian food in your life?

If you are headed for beautiful Malaysia, be sure to taste the finest of her goodies that comprise the holy amalgamations of Malay flavours plus the fiercely spiced cuisines. In Penang, a ‘Jalan Jalan’ isn’t just a simple stroll to see the hot woks and huge broth pots – it’s the perfect adventure to taste the delicious street food, including the native ones.

Malaysia is a multiracial community, a mixture of Chinese, Indian and native Malay foods and as you set out to taste the super-tasty bits and bites, be sure to make the food worth the outing. And NO, this is not another of the simple, quintessential “10 Malaysian Dishes You Should Know” kind ‘a post!

1.     Nasi Dadang – Malaysia’s unofficial national dish

Malaysians are super-talented chefs, particularly those who’ve mastered the art of cooking traditional Malay foods. It’s almost impossible to describe how tasty Nasi Dadang is. Rice steamed in coconut milk and served on the trademark banana leaf alongside a bowl of finger-licking fish curry plus fried shaved coconut, Solok Lada and a boiled egg and a serving of fresh veggies, trust me you will ask for more!

2.     Hokkien Mee

With a cult-like following in Kuala Lumpur, Hokkien mee is literally a plate of ‘everything cooked and served together.’ Pork lard is the main ingredient accompanied by thick yellow noodles and thick dark soy sauce, fish-cake and a bit of cabbage. FYI, Hokkien mee was originally a Chinese delicacy.

3.     Ayam Percik (chicken with Percik sauce)

While still in Malaysia, you will see no need to head to KFC, yet the local Ayam Percik is far much tastier and ‘fuller’ on the plate. This barbecued chicken is dipped in a coconut milk- sauce comprising spicy chilli, garlic and ginger. You will see an Ayam Percik stall down the road, in a modest restaurant or even at a fast-food stall, all packed to capacity.

4.     Roti John

The fascinating name aside, Roti John is that morning, or mid-morning sandwich locals and tourists are in-love with. Whoever this John was, he must have been a sort of a genius. The grilled minced meat and a fried egg, both slapped into the middle of thin bread before it’s dipped into a confection of chilli sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise is a delicious delight.

5.     Nasi Kandar

We haven’t even talked about the most widely praised Malaysian food – Nasi Kandar. This incredibly tasty dish consists of rice and your choice of toppings; it can be curry, fish, egg or okra. Aside from being insanely delicious, Nasi Kandar is glamorous to see given the buffet style it’s served.

The thick eggy broth Sang Har noodles that consist of fresh river prawns, prepared the original Cantonese style do have a massive following. But perhaps the must-taste of them all is the Sentul Satay. This dish is great for those whose love for Turkish Kebab, South Africa’s Sosatie or Japanese Yakitori is insatiable.